Madagascar island and Humans

Humans as termites, we are consuming everything in our way, we think we have the right to consume and destroy everything on mother earth, but one day, already it happens the nature will fight back and after all nature will survive without us, probably in a better way then when our presents is present. The only difference in between us and termites is: the termites keep the world in Balance and running, they do consume dead vegetation and convert it in to fertilizer, we do consume the forest, the plants and the natural resources and convert them in to pollutants. So after all we are not like termites, we are the only specie on this planet that naturally or not, we don’t care about the natural balance and probably beside few other viruses we are the only one that try to kill our own existents.
A great example is Madagascar, Reach in unique wildlife and plants, a biodiversity unique to this big island and the humans manage to destroy it, there are evidence that two thousand year a go, when humans arrived on this island they encountered an amazing biodiversity. With they’re arrival the agriculture practice came along, to make room for agriculture , humans had to cut the forest, in the beginning they discover reach soil , but after many years of usage the soil became exhausted and the crops decreased  and the human population increase, this forced the humans to cut down more and more forest till just a  little forest is left for the remaining wildlife to survive. ( the biggest threat to wildlife survival, is not hunting, is deforestation ). At this point the agriculture land is transformed into wastelands that nothing can grow, not even the original trees, forest.
Boats loaded with Charcoal coming out of the lowland rainforest.
Sadly to say, much of Madagascar  original forest has been destroyed, and now is one of the hot zones for climate change. At this point is estimated that only 10 percent of Madagascar’s forests remains, and even this areas that are protected, still 1 to 2 % of it is destroit every year. Primary causes of forest loss include slash and burn for agricultural land and for pasture, the Charcoal production, Logging  for precious woods or construction material and mining in some parts of the island.

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