Under the rainforest canopy of Madagascar

First of all, the Rain Forecast is a humid and wet place, it can be 30C to 35C and you have to be careful with your photo equipment, keep it in the bathroom or on the balcony if it is safe, to be the same temperature as outside, then when you’ll use it in the forest you are not going to have the lens fogging issue. Luckily not too much rain happened this time of the year to use our rain gear, but it is good to have it with you just in case, Madagascar is going through the winter season with less rain that usual, but this doesn’t mean no rain at all,   even during the  dry winter season, it still usually rains at least once a day. With the dense canopy above, the light is dropping and we had to use high ISO setting to be able to capture the moving subjects , like Lemurs, Frogs, Chameleons  and Insects.

After a short rain everything smells pungent do to the decaying vegetation on the forest floor and up in the bushes and lower trees,  this time of the year the plants are flowering or producing fruits, and the strong smell attracts the pollinators like insects, butterflies, birds and even lemur, the forest becomes a concert theatre, with different notes and tones done by buzzing insects, calling frogs, birds chirping and lemurs calling, you fell like putting the camera on the forest floor and listen, but as photographer we can not avoid this great situation to capture the action.All of us are visitors from the temperate forest, where is not to hard to get around, mainly in the cold season when most of the leafs are gone, and visibility is great to discover and capture wildlife. in the Madagascar rain forest there is high diversity of plants like vines, ferns, small trees that are evergreen and block your view, so you have to be much more alert not to miss your subjects. In the rain forest  you’ll see many plants that you never knew existed, this type of forest  has an amazing concentration of animals and plants found nowhere else in the world and we are very lucky to see them.If you never been to the Rain forest is  impossible to really imagine what it’s like in the rainforest without actually visiting. This is why some of us that are privileged to travel here and share images with you to give you a visual experience  and bring awareness how varied  and important is this ecosystem to us, to our planet and to our existents.

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