Palouse workshop 2021

Palouse is the South east region of Washington stat, this  are is a unique destination for Rural Landscape photography. Palouse area provides an endless rolling hills and mixture of colors , reminiscent to Tuscany Italy.  This area is not just about landscapes,  is about the farmers and they’re estates with old red barns, old machinery and the lifestyle. This previous workshop we spend time visiting the usual and unusual locations, including the Steptoe Butte, the wheel museum, rolling hills covered in Canola flowers, endless blue sky and historical barns. Our daily activity included morning and afternoon shooting , with a mid day break , in some of the best locations of Palouse around Polman. 

Equipment used: 35mm Cameras, 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and on some occasions 100-400mm lenses, we used Tripods in the low light situation in the early morning and late evenings. During the day we used hang hold to photograph, hand holding gives you the flexibility to explore challenging angle with your wide angle lenses 

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