About Gavriel Jecan


My name is Gavriel Jecan, and I am a photographer. For over thirty years I
have ventured to remote and exotic locations, capturing and cataloging to capture and catalog a large
collections of travel, architecture, landscape, indigenous culture and wildlife

Getty Images , Danita Delimont, AGE, Okapia, some of the worlds major photo agencies, represent my work. I also manage editorial usage on an
independent basis. I have published many photographic books, C for Coyote, Wild
Colors, Alaska Animal Babies, Hide and Seek, South West Colors, Colorado and Pacific North West as well as multiple titles in collaboration
with photographer Art Wolfe. Additionally, my work has appeared in publications
such as Megadiversity, and international ads such as the Hasselblad.

For the last fifteen years I have focused on teaching photo workshops and leading photo tours to many countries around the world such as:

ASIA: China, India, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

EUROPE: France, Greece, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Iceland and Switzerland.

AFRICA: Botswana, Ethiopia, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenia and Zimbabwe.

SOUTH and CENTRAL  AMERICA: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Belize, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Peru, Panama.

NORTH AMERICA : Mexico, USA, Canada.

For visual information please visit my website, www.gavriel jecan photography.com
This body of work covers all the photographic categories in which I specialize.

For private workshops and tours, please contact me at jgavriel@gmail.com http://www.gavrieljecanphotography.com/

I can also be contacted via www.artwolfe.com, or 1(206) 497 – 7741(Libby)