ZEN Photography workshop April 2023

USA, Washington, Olympic National Park

April 13,2023 – April 16,2023

Workshop fee: $1590.00

Focusing on contemplative photography, this workshop it’s about learning to see in a new way, to use your vision to help you simplify your composition and as they say less is more, a simple composition tells many stories.


This simple and traditional poetic form is usually thought of as 3 lines, of 5-7-5 syllables in each—a highly formal structure. Deeper exploration reveals there are both content and structural features, and even the 5-7-5 form isn’t completely right.

“The Zen state is created by a frame of mind rather than by anything intrinsic to the activity itself. We are more likely to attain it when we are absorbed in a pleasurable activity.” ~ David Fontana


The Zen Art of flower arranging has developed into a number of established schools, each with a unique aesthetic point of view. But all schools share approaches concerning balance, harmony, line, space and shape that nicely speak to composition in ways that ‘rules’ do not.


Kintsugi takes plain ceramics, made worthless by being broken, and transforms them into elegant artworks by fixing them with gold. What was once cheap and common rendered delightful; flaws, instead of being hidden, are not only revealed but highlighted. 


In a single stroke, a single breath, a circle is drawn. The enso is said to capture a moment, revealing the hand of the artist in all it’s flawed beauty and perfect imperfection.


The thoughtful, slow, and methodical tuning of a tree, sometimes over decades, produces magical miniatures—the full complexity of nature reduced and simplified. Bonsai is about time; a reminder of patience and planning, and also of the effort to remove the obvious hand of the creator in the process.

Bonsai, Seattle, Washington


A simple sheet of paper, through clever (and frequently humorous) manipulation, becomes a little delight; origami is a paper art, about the tactile and physical, about approximations and imperfections.

Many of these words can be applied to photography. And, there are many benefits to developing a practice such as contemplative photography to help us experience this frame of mind. These include appreciation for the life we are living, feeling a sense of connection or belonging, and seeing the world more clearly.

We’ve all had these experiences, whether watching a sunset or sharing a moment of laughter with a friend. But, these experiences of truly seeing are always available to us. With contemplative photography, we use our camera to mirror the original flash of perception. We don’t have to worry about time of day or quality of light or rules of composition. It’s all about the immediacy of the experience.

“The material of the artist lies not within himself nor in the fabrications of his imagination, but in the world around him. The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep.” ~ Paul Strand

Day 1: April 13, 2023
  • Meet and greet at 7pm. Everyone can introduce themselves in the hotel lobby.
  • Brief presentation centered around the photo opportunities to be had in the next three days.

Day 2: April 14, 2023

  • Early breakfast
  • Field session: Hoh Rain Forest, Lunch in Forks and get thinks for Dinner, it will be a late Photo session ( bring a flash light with you ), Costal forest, Rialto beach and then Second beach.
  • Drive back to the Hotel
  • Download images and get ready for the next day shoot.

Day 3: April 15, 2023

  • Breakfast , Stop at Safeway to get Pack lunch.
  • Field shoot: Crescent lake, Crescent forest shoot
  • Lunch in the field
  • Sol Duc Rainforest, Sol Duc river, Sol Duc falls.
  • Group no host dinner
  • Download and prepare images for tomorrow critique ( Please make a folder with your name that contains 10 row images )
Day 4: April 16, 2023
  • Breakfast
  • Critique. Learn from each others images while they are projected for the group. Gavriel will use Adobe Lightroom to work on your images and provide instruction.
  • Workshop will end by 1:00pm ( with a short break in the middle of the session )

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Workshop Payment

“The value of composition cannot be over estimated; upon it depends the harmony and the sentiment. Instruments and mediums can be had for a price; originality, creative faculty, poetic feeling, can come from only one source, but they can be lost if they be not cherished.”
—Gertrude Käsebier