OAXACA Mexico 2022

During the Day of the Dead festival, families gather in prayer and remembrance of departed family members, aiding in their spiritual journey through the afterlife. While many cultures regard such a thing as a somber act of mourning, “Dia de los Muertos” is in fact an uplifting celebration of life, love, and family.

Momentos and memories alike of the departed are shared at cemeteries adorned with flower-laden altars, and often the favorite food and drink of those passed are presented as well. Though there is a great deal of reverence involved for those whom are celebrated, it’s also done in a joyous, festive and sometimes even humorous manner intended to bring comfort to the living.

What better place to celebrate such an occasion than Oaxaca, where a rugged terrain has helped preserve local cultures perhaps more so than most any other part of Mexico?

This fall I’ll be doing just that, and I invite you to join me! On this photo journey we well capture the indigenous cultures, vibrant colors, and long-kept traditions of both this incredible location and the Day of the Dead festival. With its mixture of modern architecture, pre-columbian ruins, and everything in between the location in itself is sure to provide unlimited photographic opportunities. When you add in the atmosphere of the Day of the Dead festival and it’s parades, painted faces, candle-light vigils, and culinary delights it will be an experience not to be missed.

Though it has become deeply marketed world-wide and inexorably to Halloween, for locals the Day of the Dead is a mystical experience personal to those whom remember loved ones passed. It’s hard to describe this combination of solemn reverence and celebratory revelry until you experience it for yourself. The combination of costumes, traditional garb, colorful flowers and rich locations all painted in the light of uncountable candles is sure to provide us with some memorable photos as we navigate this rich culture.

October 27 – November 3