Madagascar Photo Journey 2022 – Sold Out

May 17, 2022May 31, 2022

Without a doubt, one of the most prestigious locations for anyone interested in capturing the natural world has to be Madagascar – it’s one of our most requested trips, and I am pleased to announce our visit to this remote and isolated island in May of 2022.

Separated from the Indian Peninsula roughly 88 million years ago, the flora and fauna of this, the world’s fourth-largest island, has been allowed to evolve in seclusion from the rest of the planet, leading to some truly spectacular and unique species. 90% of all life on this island can be found nowhere else on the planet.

We will visit the famous national parks of the region to photograph the bio-diversity to be found here – carnivorous plants, over fifty species of lemur, birds, lizards, and much much more. Our sources on the island will ensure we are seeking out these various anomalous creatures at the best times, with evening walks to capture nocturnally active species as they begin their nightly routines.

I also hope to capture a truly unique animal while we are here – the elusive fossa, Madagascar’s largest mammalian carnivore. Closely related to the mongoose family,  fossa are widespread throughout the island, but in very sparse populations. Combined with the thick forested habitat it prefers, it can be a difficult animal to locate, but I think we are up to the task!

Wait list

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