Bandon Oregon Coast Photography Retreat September 9-13

The Oregon Coastline offers such a variety of photography options that Art decided to head south and extend our abstract series to Bandon, OR.  Limited to just eight participants, this retreat is designed to combine the best aspects of a relaxing vacation, inspiring seminar, and hands-on workshop all into one exquisite trip. Not only is the area home to gorgeous rocky beaches, colorful tidepools, and beautiful sand dunes – it also happens to be an excellent location to capture abstract images.

This location is brimming with variety – not only is there a plethora of abstract subjects all within a close proximity, but there are also fantastic ocean landscapes.

This special workshop is beginning on Wednesday, Sept 9th, with a welcome gathering at the hotel meeting room in Bandon, OR. With two instructors and only eight participants this will be an intensive hands on learning session pushing your imagination to its limits! Though the location is visibly fabulous on the surface, we will strive to peer deeper into our surroundings and find the landscapes-within-landscapes; metaphors and visualizations beyond the obvious. With guidance and challenges from Art followed by critiques to cap the day, there is no doubt that you’ll come way from this retreat improved as a creative photographer, and hopefully with new like-minded friends as well!

Special early bird pricing available through the end of June!


Led by Art Wolfe and Gavriel Jecan

Limited to 8 participants

To sign up please visit and click on EVENTS