Bali Photo Cultural odyssey

Bali Photography Tour June 15-24 / 2022

Photograph the beauty and magic of hidden Bali!

Bali is one of my favorite places in the world to travel and photograph. The rich Hindu culture combined with the South East Asian landscapes and faces make for a magical, exotic and colourful adventure that is unique and unforgettable. There are many traditional styles of dance and cultural costumes that we photograph on this tour, amidst the beautiful architecture and temples that are unique in design to this island.

Day 1 – Arrival – Introductions and Dinner

Day 2 – 

Day 3 –  Monkey forest

Day 4 –  Bali – 

Day 5 –  Bali – Rice Terraces in the morning

Day 6 –  Bali – The Mother Temple

Day 7 –  Bali –

Day 8 – Bali – 

Day 9 –  Bali – 

Day 10 –  Bali – 

Day 11 – Bali – Return home 


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 All meals

 Plenty of bottled water throughout

  Admission fee


 International airfare

 Drinks except water

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 Medical insurance

 Medical expenses

 Gratuities – porters, local guide/driver

Visa Fee

The more we know the better will be for our photography

The Bali Aga are indigenous to Bali and predate recorded history, whereas the bulk of the population arrived from other islands over time dating back some 2,000 years. Youngsters by comparison! The Bali Aga now live mostly in the Karangasem area of east Bali, in two main villages – Tengannan & Trunyan. The latter is more strict and not especially welcoming of outsiders, but both have well preserved ancient cultures.

Bali Aga villages are protected by a solid wall surrounding the entire village. They have 4 gates, north, south, east and west, and inside each is a giant, sacred Banyan tree. Bali Aga life is even more relion centric than of Bali in general, which is saying quite a lot. Everything they do is in service to others and/or the gods.

It seems quite true what they tell you, that no day on the Island of the Godspasses without some ceremony somewhere. The first ceremony of every new family compound, is to bless the earth where the family temple will be built.

Every 210 days thereafter, an Odalan ceremony is held in honor of the temple gods. This is true for village temples as well, and each village has a minimum of three major temples. Nobody can possibly keep track of all the ceremonies on the island, and you often happen upon one in progress. There are certain periods where you see more than usual, on full moons in April and October especially.

Things to know before you book a tour or workshop with us

The difference between a Photo workshop and a Photo tour.

During a photo workshop typically photo instructor’s job is to teach you a specific techniques or skils in the field and class.  

During the tour, the leader’s main job is to get you to the right place at the right time to achieve great photos and experiences. When in the field, the photo tour leader may also offer answers to your concerns about composition and techniques, but most help is done on an individual basis in the field.
Before you go: use local workshops to learn Camera and composition techniques before spending thousands of dollars traveling to exotic destinations to take once-in-a-lifetime shots!